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Swinging Success

We offer a fun and welcoming atmosphere. We want our members to have a great time! Below you’ll find some tips and advice to ensure you to get the most out of your visits to our events!


COMMUNICATE IN ADVANCE:  This is critical to all couples in the lifestyle, especially our newer folks. Discuss scenarios with your partner PRIOR TO our parties! Decide and agree upon your personal limitations. If there are certain sexual activities in which you do not wish to see your partner engage, don’t wait until his penis is in someone else’s mouth! Discuss it ahead of time, come to a consensus, and you will avoid uncomfortable moments and unwanted drama!


HOW TO SUCCEED AT OUR PARTIES:  We are one of the few lifestyle groups that does allow single males to participate in many, but not all, of our events. We have discovered that the vast majority of you are respectful, considerate, and are able to participate smoothly, adding another dimension of fun and enjoyment for many of our couples and single ladies. You must remember, however, that you have a special responsibility to be on your best behavior at all times. Couples are the backbone of the swinging lifestyle. There are relatively few single ladies in the lifestyle, so without all our sexy couples, there would be way too few women! We value and treasure our ladies, whether part of a couple, or single. Treat them in that high regard, and you will fit-in with our crowd.

HOW TO APPROACH COUPLES:  Always respect and acknowledge the fact that they are a couple! Never start hitting on a lady while ignoring her husband. How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Approach BOTH of them. Talk with BOTH of them. Gain the respect and confidence of the two of them, and you just might have a wonderful experience. Piss off either of them, and you have no chance!

DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Always go the extra mile to set yourself apart. Your clothes, hygiene, friendliness, personality, respectfulness, and attitude should be exceptional. These attributes are far more important than your good looks or the size of your cock! If you disagree with this, we don’t want you at our parties. Our ladies appreciate gentleman…and we demand it.


Some parties are may include couples using the facilities and equipment for BDSM (dungeon) play. While there is a complex and detailed protocol for those deeply involved in such play, all you need to know as an observer is two things:

  1. Don’t touch without permission (this universal rule always applies!) and

  2. Save your questions and comments for the participants until after the scene (play) is complete, so as to not interrupt the scene.

It is totally OK to watch and observe. Just don’t crowd the participants (keep a respectful distance) and try not to interrupt them when they are “busy”. When the scene is completed, the Dominant partner will usually be happy to answer questions, and may even invite you to participate if you have an interest!

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