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Rules and Etiquette

Before attending one of our parties or events, please take the time to read these rules and points of swinging etiquette:

DRESS CODE:  We do NOT enforce a particular dress code.  Casual attire is acceptable.  However, you have a better chance of getting laid if you LOOK GOOD.  Dress for success :-)

ALCOHOL :  We do NOT sell, serve, or pour any alcohol.  You may bring and maintain your own.  We do provide free sodas, juices, ice, cups, etc.

NUDITY AND SEXUAL ACTIVITY: Since our parties are private and not open to the public, nudity and most forms of sexual activity are allowed. If you are offended by such things…Do not attend our parties! While most forms of sexual activity are allowed, there are of course some limitations; no form of illegal sexual activity will be tolerated.

NO MEANS NO! : If you approach anyone at our parties who declines your advances – do not ask again, do not pressure, do not attempt to coerce! Any such behavior will result in termination of your membership, and expulsion from our function! No refunds. No excuses. No negotiation! Every member has the right to decline interaction with anyone else, no questions asked.

TOUCHING AND PHYSICAL ADVANCES: It is disrespectful to touch anyone without that person’s expressed permission. Ask before you touch. Use common sense and be respectful. Violators of this rule will be removed from the premises immediately.

AGE AND IDENTIFICATION: Don’t waste your time attempting to sign up for a membership if you are under 21. You will need a valid official ID to gain access to our parties. If you show up without it, you will be turned away.

DRUGS AND WEAPONS: Zero tolerance for any weapons or illegal substances at our parties. If you attempt to bring them, you will be denied access or expelled. No exceptions.

SEX AND MONEY: It is illegal to offer or receive any form of compensation for sexual favors of any kind. Don’t even joke or pretend regarding this subject. If you do, you will be removed from the event.

CAMERAS AND CELLPHONES: To protect our members’ privacy, phones and cameras are not allowed in play areas.  We understand you need your phone to check-in with the babysitter.  Just keep it in your purse or pocket, and step outside when youu need to use it.

REFUND POLICY: Once you are admitted to a party, there are no refunds if you decide it’s not your thing. If you are removed for any reason, see the previous sentence.

SAFE SEX: Condoms are provided upon request. However, we do not provide specialty condoms of any kind. It’s always a good idea to bring your own. Safe sex is a personal choice and responsibility. We take no responsibility for the safety and health of any persons who engage in sexual activities with others. Play at your own risk. Obviously, this is a subject that should be addressed with any potential sexual partners prior to the sexual activity.

RESPECT OTHERS: Your mama taught you The Golden Rule. Use it. Everyone at our events is an adult individual worthy of respect–a lady or a gentleman. Any member who is aggressive, abusive, or disrespectful to others will be removed.

NO DRAMA: Everyone has tension, pressure, and drama in their everyday lives. Leave that crap at the door! Couples or singles who can’t get along or disrupt our festive atmosphere are not welcome. This is a party. We will make sure it is fun!

Whew! That’s a lot of frickin’ rules! Perhaps, but important ones. Because we make great efforts to educate our members in proper lifestyle etiquette, we have very few issues. Therefore, our parties are the sexiest, the most fun, and the safest in town! If you have any other questions regarding such issues, feel free to email us. We will return your email promptly….because we are polite (mostly ;-)

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